Lose: failure to win; Loose: not tight

Choose “loose” instead of “lose” and you look like a goose.

You could get that tattooed on the inside of your arm if you still have trouble telling these apart.

They don’t sound alike. “Lose” has the “z” sound; loose has the “s” sound.

Lose sounds like ooze, booze, shoes. “If you ooze booze, you lose your shoes.”

Loose sounds like goose, noose, moose. “The noose was loose on the goose and the moose.”

Lose is the opposite of win.

Loose is the opposite of tight.

Here’s how you can remember which is which. True science fact: the stupider the mnemonic device, the better it works. If you don’t know what mnemonic means, look it up. I can’t do everything for you.

If you score zero points, you l0se. That one “o” looks like a zero, see?

Loose has those two “Os” and they’re round, so they bounce up against each other and the word wobbles around because it’s … loose.

I told you it was stupid.



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