Couch Potato: OK, a frog is an amphibian; mea culpa and please forgive me, TCU fans

In a previous post I described the Horned Frog TCU mascot as a “poisonous reptile.” Some of you have pointed out to me that a frog is an amphibian because it breathes through its skin and lays its eggs underwater.

Well, guess what, know-it-alls? A horned toad isn’t a frog or a toad, but a lizard. It looks like a frog but it’s not. So it is a goddamned lizard. I have no idea where it lays its eggs and don’t care.

They are not, in the strictest sense, poisonous. But they do, when attacked, shoot blood out of their eyes. They are slow and easy to catch, but that blood-shooting eyeball thing has run off many a coyote, I bet.

Why the hell would you name your football team that? I guess it’s cool in a way because it’s so different. But it’s so different because nobody else wants to do it.

I hope they beat Ohio State, but they won’t. Have a nice day.