Couch Potato: Week 4, Saturday morning update – Mississippi State at Kentucky; Florida at Tennessee

Mississippi State at Kentucky, 7 p.m. ESPN2

In an ordinary year, the only people who would have an interest in this game would be Russian hackers trying to make Americans lose all hope and embrace oligarchy.

But this year, Kentucky doesn’t suck as much as usual, and Mississippi State doesn’t suck at all.

They both run that zip-a-dee-dah, dink and dunk, pass gas offense I used to hate but have to like now that Alabama runs the fuck out of it.

This could be a fun game to watch provided you start drinking about an hour before kickoff.

Florida at Tennesssee, 7 p.m., ESPN

Many years ago, this was a key game on which much depended and all eyes were focused. Nowadays, not.

But this could be Florida’s best chance to get an SEC win and I’m not joking. A loss here followed by gut-stomps at State and against LSU in Gainesville, and this team could be so shot in the ass that it’ll lose to Vandy before the Cocktail Party, where it stands to become Georgia’s human sacrifice to vile gods to beg victory over Alabama in the SEC Championship Game.

Tennessee is horrible. They look like poor Jeremy Pruitt had to put the names of all UT on-campus full-time male students in a hat and pull out enough to have a football team.

One great day, the Gator and the Vol will ascend again to the heights from which they so ignominiously tumbled.

But not today. Not today.