Couch Potato: OK, so you’re the CFP Committee, what do you do? Who gets in? Who gets screwed?

Georgia kicked Alabama’s ass for 58 minutes and 54 seconds before second-team quarterback Jalen Hurts, in for a busted-up Tua Tagavaiola, ran that winning touchdown in and ascended into Bama Heaven borne on the wings of an angel chorus singing OOOOoooooOOOOOO!

Alabama’s undefeated. They played some cakes along the way but with two hurt quarterbacks and their best defensive back on the sideline they mowed through the last four games of the season and in their wake left broken enemy warriors weeping by the waters of Babylon.

They’re in. Still No. 1.

Clemson and their freshman quarterback Trevor Lawrence, who looks exactly like Sunshine in “Remember The Titans,” stomped Pittsburgh’s guts out and ate them, as anticipated. Could you make a case for Clemson to jump Alabama to the No. 1 slot? The ACC is a clown conference of stiffs and guys who play football because they weren’t tall enough to make the basketball team, so no.

Clemson’s in, No. 2

Georgia played an all but flawless game and would have probably won if not for the dumbest call in the history of football, a fourth-quarter fake punt on fourth-and-11 with the score tied that miraculously gained 2 yards instead of being stoned in the backfield because Alabama saw it coming and blew it up. Jake Fromm played his best game and looked better than the two guys who are going to finish first and second in the Heisman voting – Tua and Kyler Murray. Would you watch these two teams in a rematch? I would. 

Screw it. Georgia’s in, at No. 3, jumping Notre Dame because Notre Dame is slow as smoke off of shit and should be playing UCF in the Astro Bluebonnet Bowl.

But Notre Dame’s in at No. 4 because they’re Notre Dame and nobody else is.

Oklahoma doesn’t make it because their defense is godawful. Ohio State doesn’t make it because their defense is godawful, too. It’s not like their defenses take a lot of chances, give up some big plays but make a lot of interceptions and fumbles and sacks and force the game into the breakneck pace that favors their outstanding offenses. No. Their defenses just suck and suck defenses don’t get in the playoffs because Alabama will score 70 on you with two well quarterbacks and a month to get ready.

There are my picks. What are yours?

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  1. I agree 100%, but…I’m afraid if the SEC Championship keeps being the National Championship V1.0, only to be replayed all the time…it gets kind of weird. Let’s be real though. The committee has OS and OSU family members on the committee. One of them is getting in. I’m betting OSU, because their overrated.


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