College football begins Saturday, sort of: Florida-Miami is interesting, everything else, not so much

Florida plays Miami in Camping World Stadium in Orlando at 7 p.m. ET on ESPN.

It’s the most in-demand ticket in the history of Camping World Stadium, a trend unlikely to be surpassed by the Sept. 7 Caribbean Health Summit, the next event scheduled for the 65,000-seat facility.

I have no idea why some people think Miami might win. They are starting a redshirt-freshman quarterback, Jarren Williams, who’s probably going to be good one day but probably not Saturday.

Florida’s quarterback Felipe Frank was really good by the last four games of last season – probably about the time Jarren will start to blossom this year. The UF offense seems better overall to me. The defense does, too. I don’t know about the kicking game because kickers are crazy, and it’s too early to know. Florida coach Dan Mullen is way better than Manny Diaz, who fell into the role of Miami’s head coach when an embarrassingly public bit of postseason Kubuki theater unfolded to the astonishment of all.

Diaz was the defensive coordinator last year, but he left The Canes after a depressing 7-6 season to be the head coach at Temple for a few days. Because, see, on Dec.30 last year, Marc Richt, who goofed up the offense all season and watched his son Jon coach the quarterbacks into oblivion, up and quit three days after a humiliating 35-3 pasting by Wisconsin in the Pinstripe Bowl. Miami promptly got Diaz to leave Temple high and dry for a triumphant return to Coral Gables about 20 minutes after Richt signed his resignation letter. Miami paid a $4 million buyout to Temple – after Diaz’s 17-day career – which is further proof that college football is a business run by crazy people for even crazier people – we, the fans.

That kind of grotesque drama usually means the program was a total mess, and likely still is.

Also, I’m pretty sure Dan Mullen could have gotten that Temple job if he and Diaz had both applied for it. So take Florida, minus the points.

There are a bunch of other games Saturday, but I don’t care.