COLLEGE FOOTBALL COUCH POTATO: That Week 2 was a helluva Week. Here’s what we learned.

There are about a half-dozen teams that are really good right now. There are a few more with a chance to be. Here’s part 1 of Couch Potato’s piercing analysis.

LSU has adapted. The SEC – and the world – just got more complicated

LSU went to Austin and beat the hell out of Texas, yet another ripple in the rising tide of parity in college football.

LSU gave up 38 points and still beat Texas because quarterback Joe Burrow was so hot he contributed to global warming. He hit 31-of-39 passes for 470 yards and four touchdowns, Justin Jefferson caught nine balls for 163 yards, and two other guys totaled more than 100 yards in receptions, which had never happened before in LSU history.

LSU has an offense, and God have mercy on the land. Right now, LSU can beat anybody.

They will get to prove this from Oct. 12 to Nov. 11 when they play, in sequence, Florida, Mississippi State, Auburn and Alabama. Florida and Auburn will be at home. Both have looked flaky, and both may have gone South by then, or they may be streaking badasses with burgeoning confidence. Because that’s the kind of teams they are.

Alabama slaughtered a terrible team, so it’s hard to tell much, but something doesn’t seem right

Tua completed 16-of-24 passes for 227 yards and 3 TDs, which sounds pretty good, but it was New Mexico State and Tua seemed a little off. He wasn’t as lethally accurate as he usually is and many of those yards have to do with Jerry Jeudy being able to get open against anybody and do pretty much as he pleases once he catches the ball, which he does if he’s between the sidelines and sometimes when he’s not.

The offensive line doesn’t look just right. The running game is not crisp. The defense is all right – just all right. They really miss those two starters at inside linebacker, though the young freshmen taking their places do mix it up. The secondary seems better than last year. Last year, it sucked.

It was 103 degrees on the field and the foe was New Mexico State, so, what can you say? That’d sap anybody’s will to live, I guess.

But that kicker, though. Alabama has a kicker who can make field goals. And extra points. This is exciting.

Tennessee is done

Right now, there are two teams left on Tennessee’s schedule it can beat. Chattanooga next Saturday, and UAB in November.

This is a bad team, but it’s a bad team with something wrong. I don’t know what it is, but Tennessee causes a disturbance in the force when they waller around the way they do. It’s more than players and coaches. It’s something that makes an old sports writer’s neck tingle, like Spidey sense. It’s like a cold breeze on a hot day that chills to the bone. It’s … evil spirits. Imbalance in the world and community psyche. I just shake my head and say, “Yeah, soon we’ll know. It’ll blow up. But not just yet.”