THE POTATO: Yeah, yeah, it is championship weekend, do your Christmas shopping instead

Oklahoma vs. Baylor, noon, ABC

Since Utah puked on its shoes and got stomped by Oregon in the Pac-12 Championship Game, it looks like this one could be for the fourth spot in the playoffs. LSU needs to beat Georgia pretty good, and it’ll open up for the winner of this game.

The last time these two teams played, Oklahoma helped Baylor to a 25-point, second-half lead by committing two turnovers that led to two touchdowns, a scenario that will give broken-hearted Alabama fans a frisson of foul memory after last week’s Iron Bowl. The Crimson Tide’s former quarterback, Jalen Hurts, led a furious second-half comeback, and the Sooners had a field-goal kicker who could make a field goal, so they won a thriller 34-31 to hand the Bears their only loss. The Sooners had dropsy again and lost three turnovers the next week and squeaked out a 28-24 win over TCU. Then the next week, their rival Oklahoma State coach Mike Gundy had a press conference, and with his mullet and spit flying, declared the Oklahoma offense a glorified wishbone – as if that was an insult, because the wishbone will kick your ass if you aren’t careful. So Hurts went out and ran for 160 and threw for 160 hitting 13-0f-16 to eight different receivers that included himself against token resistance and beat Gundy like he stole something, 34-16.

Unlike everybody else in the league, Baylor does have a defense, but Oklahoma has Jalen Hurts. I like Jalen. Again.

Georgia vs. LSU, 4 p.m., CBS

Not many people are giving Georgia a chance. But I still believe that anybody with a good defense has a chance. Georgia’s offense is sketchy at best, but LSU’s defense is a cruel joke.

LSU is probably in the playoffs unless they lose really bad. I don’t think Georgia can beat them really bad – if they do it’ll be because somebody missed an extra point or fell down covering a punt or something. Georgia’s got a bunch of injuries, but the one that matters is receiver Lawrence Cager, who is the big dog. The Dawgs are a different team with him in the game, which means they’re a hell of a different team when he’s not, and not in a good way. Devonte Wyatt is nicked up – he’s the other slightly smaller big dog. Without them, Jake Fromm is a really ordinary quarterback. Running back D’Andre Swift is also dinged up, and if he’s not able to do much, then Georgia effectively has no offense, a thing ordinarily required to win a football game.

If LSU wins, it’ll probably win big enough to get Oklahoma in the top four and play them in the first round, which may be a big mistake.

Clemson vs. Virginia, 7:30, ABC

Oh, Dabo. Please stop whining. This week he said we’d all missed out on a “beautiful football team” because nobody gave them any respect and blah, blah, blah.

Look, basically, Clemson has 12 light scrimmages from August to December and is far enough ahead by the third quarter of every game to work on all the things they need to work on to get better. With this schedule, Clemson should be Playstation 5 set to “juggernaut” by now.

Virginia is an exciting little team, and I like their quarterback. I hope they enjoy their trip to the Orange Bowl after Clemson cleans their clock.

Ohio State vs. Wisconsin, 8 p.m., FOX

This is the best chance for a competitive game, and it’s not real good. Wisconsin has a plain, old team that plays big boy football. They block, run unspectacularly but efficiently; if the quarterback throws it, and it’s close enough to the receiver, he’ll probably catch it. The defense is solid, everybody looks like they know what they’re doing and they all face the same way when they line up.

Ohio State will probably murder them.